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About the app
If you suffer from asthma and allergies, the personalized information our app provides is as important as the air you breathe.
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Asthma & Allergy App

DailyBreath is an environmental health intelligence app for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Personalized Info

Our platform provides real-time personalized daily forecasts on potential allergy and asthma risks.


Our reports are associated with air pollutants, allergens, and weather conditions within your specific location

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DailyBreath App

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Track, Learn, Know, and Act!

The moment you register, you are taking the first step towards estimating your personal allergy and asthma risks associated with the allergens, pollutants, and weather conditions present. You are starting to share your asthma journey with others through our discussion board and direct 1-to-1 and group chats using our Friends feature. Each day you’ll be receiving our DailyBreath Forecast which, with continued symptom tracking, develops your Perry (PEHRI) Score, a Personalized Environmental Health Risk Index Score. Features in the free, registered version include:

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DailyBreath Plus

Plus, to Personalize

It's Personal!

Buy DailyBreath Plus (.99) and build your PEHRI (Perry) Score. Your Perry Score is your personalized environmental health risk index, based on your experience of sudden symptoms triggered by environmental factors and weather conditions.  Become environmentally informed, location aware, and health prepared.

An In-App Purchase for a $.99 yearly subscription.

Personalize and customize your DailyBreath experience. The features of our premium version include:

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An enhanced version of DailyBreath Plus will be offered in 2024 and if you purchase Plus now, you will be discounted a full .99 off any offered price in the future.

Plus, to Personalize

Smoke Heatmap Overlay for Wildfires (SHOW)

The only asthma app tracking wildfire and smoke!

An In-App Purchase for a .99 yearly subscription.

DailyBreath SHOW, the Smoke Heatmap Overlay for Wildfires,

will display on the DailyBreath Maps:

  • The identified location of impactful wildfires,

  • The weather conditions at the wildfire location including

    • Wind speed and direction

    • Relative humidity

    • Outlook

  • A default view of the current dispersion of wildfire surface smoke

  • An option to select to view the current dispersion of wildfire atmospheric smoke

  • When viewing either, you may select to play an animated time-series of a 5-hour forecast of projected smoke dispersion

  • Learn your potential sensitivity to wildfire smoke over time by tracking symptoms you experience when within a dispersion path of wildfire surface or atmospheric smoke


(The overlay display is available initially only wildfire activity in the continental US, but in the future will be available for wildfire activity around the world)

DailyBreath SHOW

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User Testimonial
"This app is such a great idea, it can help you better understand not just your allergies & asthma but most importantly how the outdoor environment can have a drastic impact on your overall health."


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Download the app now for free. Upgrade to Plus for premium features and personalization.

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